Hall County Guild History

The Hall County Guild was officially organized as a non-profit organization in 1978 by a group of
Gainesville, Hall County ladies who were declared Friends of the Needle.
The aim of the guild was to revive and restore skills of the waning and lost art of quilting.
Membership activities included monthly meetings, visits with other guilds in the area,
quilt shows and demonstrations, organized quilt classes, viewing channel 8’s quilt lessons,
viewing rented films and participation in the annual Chastatee Regional Library Show.
Monthly meetings were held at the College Branch of Home Federal Savings and Loan Association.
A “Share-Show and Tell” fest began at 10:00 AM and continued after a bag lunch
until everyone decided to go home.

1978-1980     Kay Kesler                                    2003  Julie Monroe & Martha Griffin

1981-1982    Susie Lee                                        2004  Joyce Jones & Myra Taylor

1983   Thelma Nicholson                                  2005   Linda O’Donnell & Roxan Brown

1984-1985   Mary Lewis                                    2006  Marion Moore & Ginny Hendrix

1986-1987   Sandy Myers                                  2007  Ginny Hendrix & Nancy Folsom

1988      Ann Taylor                                            2008   Nancy Folsom

1989-1990    Sally Babcock                               2009  Shirley Erickson & Fay Rawls

1991      Fran Dadisman                                     2010   Fay Rawls & Diana Carrillo

1992      Alice Crawford                                      2011   Diana  Carrillo

1993-1994    Donna Dopheide                          2012    Mary Colley & Mary Ann Cox

1995-1996    Joan Nickels                                  2013   Joan Garland & Diana Carrillo

1997-1998  Nancy Patchell                                2014  Terry Powers & Denise Ulrich

1999   Florine Johnson & Alice Crawford      2015 – 2016   Jean Edwards & Peggy Johnson

2000-2001   Anne Smith

2002    Jean Leslie

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HCQG 1985